1. Sun Bum Sunscreen

This is my second Summer using this sunscreen and I love that it’s hydrating, glows underneath my makeup, and doesn’t leave a white cast! (Just don’t get it in your eye!)

2. Elf Power Grip Primer

Meant to be an affordable dupe for the Milk Hydro-grip primer, I love that this primer gives me extra hydration and literally grips my make up — making it last all day!

3. Truly Beauty Starface Sleep Mask

Not only is Truly Beauty such a vibrant, cheeky, and aesthetically pleasing brand, but their products do everything they say they will! This sleep mask, made with Retinol + AHA leaves gives my skin a noticeable glow by the morning that lasts all day long!

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Sabria Sparrow
Sabria Sparrow

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