Our queen Meg defines being a “Hot Girl” as “being unapologetically YOU, having fun, being confident, living YOUR truth, being the life of the party etc.”

In this episode of Between the Pages, I give my personal tips for achieving these things by investing in yourself, choosing quality over quantity, and creating a life you love by doing the following:

  • Only buying, wearing, and surrounding yourself with things you love (5:00)  Helps to save money, be authentic to yourself, and ensures you’re creating a life you love

  • When possible, choosing more expensive and higher quality over cheap and temporary (7:50)— When you invest in core pieces (makeup, clothing decor, etc.)  you know you love and that work and stick to those, you’re also investing in a simpler lifestyle and your future self

  • Maintaining things rather than wait until they’re bad to take care of them (12:00)— When you maintain the things that matter to you (whether it be your hair, nails, or room), you refrain from having to do more work for yourself, create a better environment, and are more confident in yourself. 

  • Valuing consistency and slow growth overtime over instant gratification (15:10)— Being in things for the long game will give better results than seeking instant success and gratification. 

  • Being kind when communicating with anyone and everyone (19:40) — Not only will you have better interactions with people, you gain a good reputation, and often, unintentionally, gain more opportunities overtime. 
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Sabria Sparrow
Sabria Sparrow

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