While many believe being in a relationship in your 20s is a waste of time, in this episode of Between the Pages, Myles and I challenge that notion by bringing our 6 years experienced perspectives on just how beneficial a relationship can be for your wellness, personal growth, and emotional maturity.

In this, we talk about the keys to a successful relationship as:

  • Having similar base values (5:40)  Allowing you to be on the same page when it comes to conflict, gender roles (where applicable), and what the relationship should look like. 

  • Doing what works best for YOUR relationship and avoiding falling victim to outside influences (9:15) — When you mutually agree on aspects of the relationship, no one else’s opinion matters. 

  • Mutual effort, communication, respect, and communication (15:25)— by giving equal effort, communicating effectively, and learning each other’s love languages.

  • Self-awareness, self-reflection, and growing together through conflict and life in your 20s (30:00)— which happens when both parties use arguments as an opportunity for growth within the relationship and within themselves. 

  • Having your own identity outside of the relationship and Being each other’s biggest fans (40:15)Allowing for independence, personal growth, mutual support, and a stronger relationship. 
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Sabria Sparrow
Sabria Sparrow

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