There are so many ways to show up for ourselves (and so many reasons we might choose not to).

In this episode of Between the Pages, I  talk about the small daily mindset shifts we can make to ascend to a higher version of ourselves and reach our highest potential as: 

  • Keeping your promises to yourself (5:45) — by being disciplined and consistent when it comes to achieving your goals and the things you want. 

  • Making yourself a priority (9:10)— by not allowing yourself to pour from an empty cup and prioritizing work/life balance. 

  • Honoring you mind, body and instincts (10:30)— by listening to yourself and your body and feeling all of your emotions as they surface. 

  • Taking up space (13:20)—  by setting boundaries with yourself and others, learning to say no, and advocating for yourself.

  • Being confident in who you are (15:50) — and being unapologetically yourself.

  • Removing the things, habits, and mindsets that make you dislike yourself (17:35) — such as unfollowing trigger accounts and refraining from comparing yourself.

  • Being patient with yourself (20:15) — and not expecting yourself to be perfect all the time

  • Talking to yourself like someone you love (22:30) — and celebrating yourself for who you are right now in order to gain the confidence to move forward
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Sabria Sparrow
Sabria Sparrow

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