1. My name is Sabria Sparrow, I’m 23 years old, and I’m from Southern California!

2. I love school and learning, but most of all, I love to write! I graduated with my Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature, and am currently a Rhetoric and Composition grad student.

3. I grew up as an only child with a single mother, I believe it’s what has made me creative, goofy, compassionate, and tbh, kind of weird. It’s also why my mom is my best friend and my everything! Everything I do, I do it for her. 

4. Some of my hobbies are singing, writing, and creating content! I love social media, and am also extremely passionate about social justice (Black rights, women’s rights, LBTQ+ rights etc. etc.)

5. I started my blog in 2018 as a creative outlet and now it is my passion!  I aim to use my personal experiences to inspire others to be themselves, chase their dreams, understand their worth, look and feel their bests, and let them know they’re not alone. 

My Mission 

1. Authenticity  & Genuinity 

Remaining true to myself, unapologetically embodying my individuality , and using my genuine perspectives to connect with my audience. In other words, always keeping it real. 

2. Encouragement, inspiration, & self-improvement

Using my own education, experience, unique perspective, and style to help others overcome life’s obstacles, understand their value in both their personal lives and the world, and encourage them  to look and feel their best.

3. Attainability & Affordability

Relating to others on a personal and human level, not on a basis of superiority, and introducing products and services that are attainable, high quality and affordable for the common person (rather than of a certain social status).

4. Creativity & Aesthetics 

Using my visual and written artistic abilities to communicate my values, experiences, and perspectives that further highlights the world’s beauty, inconsistencies, and hardships in a way that tells a story.

For Collaboration inquiries please refer to my media kit  or email me at [email protected]