With the rapid spread of COVID-19 outbreaks, many of us are being advised

to stay home and avoid social situations. For me, this has meant the moving of face-to-face classes to online, and my job beginning to implement online programs that allow me to work from home. 

For those who don’t know, social distancing is a method used in order to slow down and/or decrease the number of people infected by a virus. That way, we are leaving time for scientists (or whoever the people are that fix these things) to figure things out and find a cure, or create a vaccine. 

Zoom university is my very best friend right now, but let’s be real, I’d rather be home than risk infecting not only myself, but those around me who may be at high risk  (including my mom). 

Regardless of how anyone may feel about the severity of the situation, social distancing is simply the responsible thing to do. 

With that being said, the thought of staying at home also just sounds downright boring, so I’ve been thinking of some ways to make this into a more positive experience and be more productive. 

Here’s some of ways I will be taking advantage of this time off: 

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1. Read

Being an English major the past 4 years, and now an English Grad student, something I don’t get to do often is read for fun. There are so many books and lists I’ve accumulated over the years that I’m excited to take a look at and delve into a little bit while I self-quarantine at home.

To reiterate some of the benefits of reading, it makes you smarter, more empathetic, and can teach you some valuable lessons about life in some deep and entertaining ways that you can’t get from television.

So if you can, take this time to read some self-help books for self development, some literature, or the twilight series you haven’t touched since the 6th grade. 

2. Self-Care

When life gets in the way, who really has the time to truly self-care? Since we have no choice but to stay at home, we might as well take some time to pay attention to the mental, physical, and emotional needs we’ve been neglecting for a while now.

For me, this looks like doing some home workouts, journaling, meditating, face masks, actually eating breakfast, and of course, wine.

Summer’s coming up, and if, God willing, we are over and done with this crisis, it will definitely come in handy to have taken care of our skin and body in the process.

3. Work on your goals

While it’s unfortunate that a lot of us are forced to take time off of school and work, this might not be a bad time to work on your goals in ways that you usually can’t.

Take some time to reflect on your progress, set some SMART goals, start thinking about that business you’ve been wanting to start, or take that online course you’ve been putting off.

I’m definitely going to work some of those small and tedious tasks I haven’t been able to for the sake of time.

If you get ahead on work so you can be better situated when we come out of this mess, you will definitely thank yourself later.

4. Get some much needed rest

Or, you can say screw capitalism, and get some sleep. You probably need it; we all do.

Take this time to binge watch some netflix shows (Love is Blind is my favorite right now), throw on some sweats, eat some junk food, and catch up on sleep.

Here’s a friendly reminder that there’s nothing wrong with not being productive all the time. We are entitled to our breaks, and this might just be one of the universe’s ways to get some of us to cut ourselves some slack.

5. Clean your space

Last but not least, use this time to do some of your own renovations, and clean/rearrange your space. At the beginning of the year, I swore to myself I was going to stay organized, but as time has gone on and life has gotten crazier, that just hasn’t happened.

Do some laundry, reorganize your closet, and  declutter that area of your room that’s been bugging you for the longest.

Luckily my good friend Morgan just got me Marie Kando’s book on Tidying Up so I will definitely be reading and taking advantage of the tips in there.

A cleaner space definitely makes me feel like I have my life together. So when we get out of all of this, I’ll feel prepared to take on the world again.

This coronavirus thing is hard and scary for all of us, but I have faith that we’ll come out of it okay, and even better than ever. It’s now, more than ever, that we need each other.

With that being said, stop taking all of the toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and food, there are other people who need them too (I’m looking at you, Karen)

And please, stay safe, be kind to one another, and have fun self-quarantining.

With love,

Sabria Sparrow