Black History Month is one of my favorite months of the year because it reminds me of the depth, beauty, endurance, and capability of my people. 

Being Black comes with so much, and being a Black woman, comes with a whole other level of intersectionality. We are both Black and Women, amongst the most looked down upon “minorities,” and yet, we always come out on top; I can’t help but be proud of that. 

So, in honor of this, I’ve decided to dedicate a blog post about why I love being a Black woman. 

1. Because We’re Beautiful

Speaking from experience, I think that a lot of women can relate when I say that growing up Black often meant being rejected as beautiful because of our skin, hair, and features. 

As I’ve grown up, this is something I’ve had to unlearn, and as a result, I now understand the beauty that comes with being a Black Women as something to be proud of. 

Our beautiful brown skin, thick coily locks, and large exotic features that we’ve inherited from our ancestors don’t only stand alone as some of the most beautiful features I cherish about us, but are also beautiful in the sense that they tell our story. And also, I mean, look at us. 

*que Brown Skin Girl by Beyonce* 

2. Because We’re Strong

From my mother, to my ancestors, to the women we see in the media today, it’s not hard to see that our resilience is incredible.

Statistically speaking, while “racial disparities” and “gender discimination” deny us opportunity, and many times, incriminate us by default, we’ve still managed to be the breadwinners of 80% of Black households, and the most educated group in America. 

And this is only a fraction of what we’ve overcome. 

Generally speaking, we lose our brothers, fathers and sons at an alarming rate, are constantly overlooked, silenced, and ridiculed, and still manage to be some of the most loving, giving, ambitious, and dedicated people you’ll meet. 

Ugh, I love us. 

3. Because We Don’t Take Anyone’s BS

People love to call us angry, and in light of these stereotypes, I’d like to know who wouldn’t be angry in a situation like ours? This world has beaten us down, but we’ve always only come out stronger. 

With that being said, we are not angry, or bitter, or all of the things like to say about us. We do not pity ourselves. 

In light of these stereotypes, I’d like to suggest that we are just confident, assertive, and unapologetic about being exactly who we are. 

I understand that that could be intimidating. 

4. Because We’re Intelligent

While I’ve already mentioned our education status, I’d like to also acknowledge the Black women writers, artists, musicians, lawyers, doctors etc. that influence culture and society every single day. 

These women have walked so that I can run, and because of them, I’m encouraged everyday to strive for something bigger and better.

5. Because We Set the Standards

There is so much anger to be resolved in the world’s constant insistence on appropriating our culture, but I also can’t help but be flattered.

Like I mentioned in my previous point, we set the standard and influence culture more than anyone would like to admit. 

From our hair, to our features, to Black Women’s ability to so eloquently fill up space, there is so much to learn, to be had, to envy

I have no choice but to stan. 

6. Because Sisterhood

While we arguably have issues in our community of not acknowledging and/or feeling threatened by other black folks sharing our space, there’s nothing I love more than seeing another Black Woman in public and sharing a knowing smile, nod, or even energy in sisterhood. 

7. Because We’re Versatile

I think that a lot of people try to put standards on exactly what it means to be Black, but the truth is, we come in all forms.

Whether we are light skin, brownskin, or darkskin, nerdy, intelligent, artsy, “suburb” or “hood,”we embody our blackness in ways that are versatile and unapologetic; there isn’t a defining feature. 

I love that we can be one thing, but also, so many other things at once. 

8. Because We’re Unique

To piggyback off my previous point, I’d also like to say that our unique experiences as we navigate this world gives us each a unique voice and we continue to express it in numerous ways. 

Through music, through art, through academia, and everything else, nobody else’s experiences mimic ours in the ways that it’s beautiful, and tragic, and liberating all in one. 

9. Because We Don’t Age

Have you ever met a Black woman that looked a day over 30? Me either. 

Grateful for my melanin. 

10. Because We Just Keep Getting Better

Last but not least, in a world that is so intent on bringing us down, my favorite thing about us is that we don’t allow it to define us. Instead, we take it, and we spin it into something so much bigger.  

We let it fuel compassion, and love, and ambition, and strive for inclusivity and justice for not only us, but all marginalized communities. 

Despite living in a world that doesn’t love us, we choose to love it anyway. We choose to be better.

And for that, I adore us. 

With love,

Sabria Sparrow 

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